Creating the right impression. Your brand is integral to your success. We believe it to be your most valuable asset. That's why we are committed to creating you the most relevant and unforgettable brand possible - one that connects with your target audience. Whether it’s a new brand or refreshing an existing one, we can guide you through the process to create the right brand for you. When creating your brand we combine creative design with the six key points below.

design for print

Design for Print

Your printed media communications are a crucial part of your branding and your marketing campaigns. Print is a traditional and proven way of marketing and the importance of printed media simply cannot be underestimated. Print helps establish your brand recognition. Print adds credibility to your brand. Print is often more engaging for your audience helping you reach your target audience, allowing you to strategically place your brand in the right place at the right time, in front of the right audience. Print can drive traffic to your digital presence, creating an emotional connection that cannot be achieved digitally. Adding a touch of luxury to your brand and creating something tangible.

Is it a mistake to focus on a digital presence only?
In order to reach the widest possible audience and gain maximum impact for your brand it’s crucial to utilise every available opportunity, and this is why the best brand identities and marketing strategies encompass a combination of both digital and print communication.

Our services include
Corporate Stationery, Brochure Design, Packaging Design, Posters, Banners, Book Cover & Editorial Design, Advertising Campaigns and Marketing Material.



Your package design is one of the most important elements in a successful product launch. But there are so many things to consider when designing your packaging, it has to function and protect what’s inside. It should allow for easy storage and distribution, giving information about what it is and stand out on a shelf full of competing products. Even with the most amazing product, poor packaging can keep it from selling. Some important questions that need to be asked when creating a successful package design are:

How does the package represent your brand? What is your brand’s personality? This can be conveyed through colour, fonts, and textures. Good design uses these elements to convey a brand’s story. Great design goes even further...consider the shape of the package--whether it’s a bottle or a box, make it stand out with a unique silhouette.

What is the desired price point for this product? We make assumptions on a product’s price point before we see a price tag. Once we’ve made those assumptions, we look at the price and decide either “this is really good value” or “I can’t believe they are charging that much for this.” Your product's increase in desirability and perceived value can help you charge more for it.

What types of materials are you going to use? How durable does this packaging have to be? How long does this package have to stay intact before consumer use? Plastic, alluminium, glass, and paperboard are traditionally used, but we also need to think about your target audience. Are they environmentally conscious? If so, it’s probably best to look at alternative materials such as bioplastics. Sustainability also means using the least amount of material possible.. An eco-friendly package will be ingeniously designed to function well with minimal materials.

Website Design

Website Design

There is no more important tool in business than a well-designed website. First impressions count and a business website is a showcase for your company. A business website must look great, deliver your message skillfully and quickly and communicate effectively. It must turn online traffic into customers and deliver return on investment. Getting a website for your business doesn’t have to be hard work or cost a fortune.

Ridgewood Design can offers complete website solutions for your businesses, creating eye catching websites for businesses of all sizes, including affordable designs for new business startups. We also provide a website development and website support services to a wide range of existing businesses. We aim to build lasting relationships with all our clients, providing a range of flexible solutions to meet your online business needs, managing your web based content if required and offering ongoing website support as your business develops and evolves.

Whether you are looking at an e-commerce site, a content management system, a bespoke website, or just a small brochure site Ridgewood Design can help you to make the right choice and to stay within your budget, offering clients support and practical advice throughout the website development process.